Homeowner Spotlight:

The Lees

“Restore Louisiana is a well-run program, they did more than I expected they would in a short amount of time.”

Photo Credit: Patrick Dennis/The Advocate

Homeowner Spotlight:

Lillie Gumm

“They were so compassionate, it brought tears to my eyes because they were sensitive to what I had gone through”

Homeowner Spotlight:

The Shelmires

“Everybody with the Restore Louisiana program has been very nice, the paperwork process was easy and efficient.”

Homeowner Spotlight:

Charlotte Herbert

“I was treated like a real person, and it gave me hope for all the people of Louisiana who need help after the flood.”

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The Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program is dedicated to helping homeowners affected by the March and/or August 2016 floods repair and restore their damaged homes, or get reimbursed for work already completed. Watch a brief public service announcement to learn how to get started!

The Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program will repair or reconstruct damaged properties based on economy-grade building materials. To get an idea of the bathroom and kitchen finishes the program will provide, check out this quick video.

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