Program Phases and Tiers

The Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program has been designed to serve homeowners in six phases. The State of Louisiana’s Office of Community – Disaster Recovery Unit (OCD-DRU) structured the program in this manner in order to ensure that the limited federal funding is provided to homeowners in the greatest need. It also ensures that the rebuilding process is not slowed by federal environmental requirements.

The first step in the process is a brief survey that all homeowners affected by the 2016 floods must complete. No documentation is required and it can be completed online or by phone. The purpose of this survey is to gather information about unmet needs related to the repair or reconstruction of flooded homes and responses to the survey will be used to determine which phase of the program the homeowner will be invited to apply for.

Below is a brief explanation of the six phases that are currently funded through the Restore LA program. These phases represent current program funding, but the Governor continues to work to secure additional money from Congress. It is important that we have accurate information about the full scope of recovery needs in order to justify additional funding requests and hopefully expand the program to include more homeowners. That’s why taking the survey is so important.

All Phases: Major or Severe Damage ($8,000 or more of FEMA inspected real property damage or 1 foot or more of flood damage on the first floor).

Phase I: Low-to-moderate income, elderly or persons with disabilities, outside the floodplain
Phase II: Low-to-moderate income, elderly or persons with disabilities, inside the floodplain
Phase III: Reside within one of the 10 most impacted or distressed parishes, outside the floodplain, no priority due to income
Phase IV: Reside within one of the 10 most impacted or distressed parishes, inside the floodplain, no priority due to income
Phase V: All other parishes, inside and outside the floodplain
Phase VI: Reimbursement for homeowners who have completed the rebuilding process at the time they answer the survey or complete the application

* The program has been expanded to include homeowners who had flood insurance and were otherwise eligible for Phase I – VI.

Please keep in mind in order to be eligible for the Program, homeowners must also meet all of the eligibility criteria listed below:

  • Owner occupant at time of disaster event
  • Damaged address was the applicant’s primary residence at the time of disaster event
  • Suffered damage as a result of the March or August 2016 Severe Storms and Flooding events
  • Eligible structure as determined by program, including single family homes, duplexes, mobile homes and condominiums
  • Located in one of 51 disaster declared parishes

This table should help give you an idea of your potential for program eligibility, as well as the application phase in which you are most likely to be included and which tier of funding would most likely apply to you. Please note that to be eligible for a certain application phase, you must meet all of the checked criteria for that phase. Your survey and application results will ultimately determine your specific eligibility.


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