Program Phases and Tiers

This table should help give you an idea of your potential for program eligibility, as well as the application phase in which you are most likely to be included and which tier of funding would most likely apply to you. Please note that to be eligible for a certain application phase, you must meet all of the checked criteria for that phase. Your survey and application results will ultimately determine your specific eligibility.

Whether you think you are eligible or not, if you are a homeowner and your primary residence flooded in the March or August floods, please complete the survey. The program described by this chart is limited in funding to the amount of recovery funds Congress has so far appropriated to Louisiana (through April 2017). The Governor continues to work to bring home the additional funds we need to help all flooded homeowners. Therefore, we need to identify everyone who may be eligible and what your current recovery need is, so that the state can prepare for future program expansions, should more funds become available.


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