Recovery Resources

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Document Date/Time
Minutes of July 13, 2018, Task Force Meeting Approved-7-13-18-Meeting-Minutes-20190215.pdf February 19th, 2019
Louisiana Watershed Initiative Presentation 2019-02-15-Restore-LWI-2.14.19.pdf February 15th, 2019
OCD Presentation Restore-Task-Force-Presentation-Feb-15-2019_FINAL.pdf February 15th, 2019
Homeowner Program Snapshot Report Homeowner-Program-Snapshot-Report.pdf February 15th, 2019
MHU Presentation FEMA-Direct-Housing-Update-Restore-Task-Force-02152019.pdf February 15th, 2019
Action Plan Resolution Action-Plan-Resolution_20190215.pdf February 15th, 2019
RLTF 2/15/19 Meeting Agenda RLTF_Agenda_2_15_19.pdf February 6th, 2019
Notice of Restore La. Task Force Meeting on February 15, 2019 Restore-LA-Task-Force-Meeting-Notice-2-15-19.pdf January 30th, 2019
Ouachita Strong Resiliency RLTF 9/25/18 Presentation PPT-Ouachita-Strong-Resiliency-Restore-Louisiana-Task-Force-9.25.2018-output.pdf September 25th, 2018
OCD RLTF 9/25/18 Presentation Restore-Task-Force-Presentation-2018.09.20-output.pdf September 25th, 2018