Recovery Resources

For task force-related materials, click the links in the table below.
For other disaster recovery resources, click here.

Document Date/Time
Notice of Aug. 8 Task Force Meeting RLTF_8-18_meeting_notice_8-10-17.pdf August 10th, 2017
Need help with a small business loan? Small-Business-Assistance-Alexandria-8_10_17-event-flyer-.pdf August 1st, 2017
Action Plan Amendment 2 6/30/17 Action-Plan-Amendment-2_6-30-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
Comite Diversion Briefing 7/14/17 Comite-Diversion-Briefing_7-14-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
Department of Labor Guidance Request DOL-Guidance-Request-for-Public-Projects_7-14-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
FEMA Update 7/14/17 FEMA-update_7-14-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
GOHSEP Update 7/14/17 GOHSEP-Task-Force-Update_7-14-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
OCD Update 7/14/17 OCD-Update_7-14-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
Percentage of AMI by Parish Household 7/14/17 Percentage-of-AMI-by-Parish-Household-2017.pdf July 14th, 2017
Glossary of Terms 7/14/17 RLTF-Glossary_7-14-17.pdf July 14th, 2017