Recovery Resources

For task force-related materials, click the links in the table below.
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Document Date/Time
RSF 6 Presentation for 7/14/17 Meeting RSF6-Presentation_7-14-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
Survey Responses for Most Impacted Parishes 7-14-17 Meeting Survey-Responses-Most-Impacted-Parishes_7-14-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
Waiver Request for LMI Benefit 7/14/17 Meeting Waiver-Request-for-Overall-LMI-Benefit_7-11-17.pdf July 14th, 2017
Watershed Summit Kickoff Invitation 7/14/17 Watershed-Summit-Kickoff-Invitation.pdf July 14th, 2017
Restore Louisiana Task Force Agenda 7.14.17 Restore-Louisiana-Task-Force-Agenda-7-14-17-LD3.pdf July 13th, 2017
Third Appropriation Funding Recommendation Third-Appropriation-Funding-Recommendation.pdf June 9th, 2017
Task Force Resolution for Third Congressional Appropriation Task-Force-Resolution-for-Third-Congressional-Appropriation.pdf June 9th, 2017
Task Force June 9 Meeting Agenda Task-Force-June-9-Meeting-Agenda.pdf June 9th, 2017
Task Force Glossary of Terms Task-Force-Glossary-of-Terms.pdf June 9th, 2017
Survey Responses From 10 Most Impacted Parishes Survey-Responses-From-10-Most-Impacted-Parishes.pdf June 9th, 2017