Buyout and Resilient Housing Incentive Program (Solution 4)


The Louisiana Office of Community Development has launched the Restore Louisiana Buyout and Resilient Housing Incentive Program (Solution 4) with the goal of moving eligible residents out of harm’s way and reducing future flood risk by creating a permanent open space that serves as a buffer against future storms and floods. The program is designed to give residents the flexibility to choose the best option for their individual situation.

Solution 4 is a voluntary program and is available for eligible homeowners whose primary residences are located in floodways, and provides assistance to help families move away from high risk areas to lower risk areas.


  1. Impacted by March 2016 or August 2016 flood events
  2. Property occupied by an owner as primary residence at the time of the flood event
  3. FEMA-verified major or severe damage
  4. Located within one of the 51 disaster-declared parishes
  5. Current owner of the property
  6. Must have completed the Restore LA survey prior to submitting an application to the Solution 4 program
  7. Damaged property must be located within a federally determined floodway

To submit an application for program assistance, please call (866) 735-2001 and choose option 2. Applications will be available starting December 3, 2018 and can be completed over the phone or submitted in person by scheduling an appointment at the Restore Louisiana Office at 11100 Mead Road in Baton Rouge.



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